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Headshots for a great first impression!
Get an advantage over your competition with a headshot that shows you as credible, trustworthy and approachable.

professional HEadshots

Update your image to match the top professional you are. Making people look their best, Alice has been a headshots photographer Worcester MA since 2005 and it will be awesome to photograph you. Let’s make your first impression the best it can be.



You are your brand! Lets capture you in your environment. I’ll bring the studio to capture all about you and your business creating environmental portraits that helps people envision how it is to do business with your and your brand.

don’t risk your image

A Bad Headshot will cost you

According to Forbes Magazine, you have 7 seconds to make a first impression and some researches suggests a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness.  


Meet your photographer

Headshots Photographers in Massachusetts

Alice Pepplow Headshot Photographer Worcester MA

Alice Pepplow

Certified Professional Photographer, Master of Photography, Craftsman Photographic, Award Winning Photographer

  Having pictures taken can be an awkward experience, I totally get it! Past bad photo experiences can leave you traumatized believing that you are not photogenic.  That is why you need a photographer that has experience and proven techniques to help you overcome this discomfort and teach you new tricks that works. Since 2005, I have been perfecting a step by step system that will help you. By providing you with a very detail Style Guide you will be prepared for your session. During the session I’ll take the time to understand your needs and coach you thru a relaxed process in achieving the look you are after for your headshot photo. Its MY JOB to make you look great! You just be yourself!  You will leave invigorated and feeling good about the new photos that capture the best version of you. Do you want to book a headshot photographer in Worcester MA?
John M.

John M.

I have been a small business owner for 26 years in Central Massachusetts and needed a photographer to do some pictures of me for promotional material.  

My business manager scheduled an appointment for me with Alice at The Imagery Studio.  

Alice and I spoke about how the photos would be used and the message we were trying to convey and then we went to work.  

In less than an hour Alice captured my personality in her lens and I could not be happier with the results.  

I highly recommend Alice for her skill as a photographer, ability to communicate with a client, and her attention to detail.  

Thank You Alice.


Professional Headshots Photographer


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how does it work


Book your session

 Schedule your session now and get my style guide to help you prepare for a great headshot session  

step by step coaching

 There is no experience needed!       Fully coached session will achieve the look that you are after. 

get your headshots

Upload the new photos into your social media profiles, website and              make a copy for your momma 🙂

got questions?


Don’t see your question here? Give me a call at 508-579-8080

The Studio specializes as a headshot photographer in Worcester MA. Serving central MA, RI, CT, NH.

What should I wear?
There is a wide variety of looks that will look great depending on what your objectives are. Automatically upon booking, you will receive a Style Guide to help you prepare for the session. You can also schedule a 15 min call if you need to chat before booking.
I'm NOT photogenic, can you help me?
Absolutely! This is the most common comment I get and I can assure you: you do not need experience or to be “photogenic”. It is MY JOB to help you as much as you need to achieve the look that we both are happy with.
How many images will I get?
We will take a lot of photos exploring what looks best for you as well, different facial expressions, body language, etc. You will see a minimum of 50 photos at the end of the session. You can control your budget by deciding what to order from this selection. Each photo is $75 and includes retouching and a commercial license.
Is retouching included?
YES! All ordered images include retouching. My retouching is done very naturally to displayed the rested version of you. Common things I touch up are: facial blemishes, soften bags under eyes, soften wrinkles, white teeth. You can always let me know of your concern prior to our session.
When Do I get my Headshot?
My retouching turn around is within 3 business days. I strive to deliver on the short end of that as much as possible. If time is a concern you can always check about the queue of images before yours get done.
What if I don't like my headshot?
The key to a perfect headshot is the preparation and the trust of the photographer. We will work together to find out any insecurities that you might have about appearance or your past bad photo experiences that led you to believe that your photos will not turn out ok. I have been trained on how to use lighting and posing to minimize anything that is less flattering and to enhance your best assets. It is my job to photograph you so you like the photos. My goal is for you to love and want to buy them all. We will keep shooting until we are both happy with it. 

what past clients say 


Alice is a true professional. She spent time getting to know me and my objectives for the shoot before we entered the studio. That put me at ease and made the shoot such fun. Alice’s great eye and ability to put you at ease in front of the camera allowed us to capture the best headshots I have ever had. She truly captured the best me!

I highly recommend The Imagery Studio. I had my latest professional headshot photographed by Alice. It was a fantastic experience. She was thorough, prompt, professional, and creative. She quickly assessed my needs and in very little time at all produced a stylish photograph. Worth every penny!

I put off getting a corporate headshot for years because I never felt I photographed well. Alice gave such great instructions and was so masterful that I had many wonderful photos to choose from. She made a believer out of me! I am overjoyed with how they turned out. I highly recommend her!!

corporate | modern | professional

business HEADSHot

Having a professional business headshot is an essential part of doing business today. Don’t let a bad photo of you disqualify you of getting the opportunities that you are perfect for. 

Regardless of the look you are after: Traditional Corporate or a Modern Fresh approach, we can get it done in a process that is easy and fast so you can get back doing what you do best!

Offered individually at the studio or on location and also for large teams, I have the ability to bring the equipment to you if you have a large team of professionals that need a good first impression.

Entrepreneur | Creative

Personal branding

If YOU are your brand, then you need the best image out there all the time!

 The personal branding sessions can be half or full day affairs and it will be photographed to tell a history of your business, products, services and of course you!

Commonly photographed at your location, prior to the session we will prepare with a briefing about the concept to capture a collection of images that best represents your message matching the true professional that you are.  

Let’s elevate your brand!

large groups and corporations

Do you have a team?

If you have a team of 10 or more we got you covered too! I can bring the studio to your location and photograph everybody on a studio background or you at work. Make sure to inquire on the form below providing as much information as possible so I can provide you with an accurate quote.
personal brand photos


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